What is the size of the hand flag_ Hand flag customization
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What is the size of the hand flag_ Hand flag customization

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Size of hand flag_ What is the size of the flag waving by cheerleaders in the sports meeting_ Hand flag customization

The other is to hold the flag in your hand, which is widely used, such as one fan group, cheerleading, traffic command, expansion activities, tourist groups, tour guides, etc. The size of the hand flag can be roughly divided into large models according to the different ways of use, namely: large hand flag, medium hand flag, small hand flag; In the following, we will introduce various types of hand waving flags, the size of flagpoles and briefly explain the scope of use of hand waving flags.

Hand flag

1. Large hand flag:

The size of the large hand flag includes: No. 2 flag (160 high * 240cm long), No. 3 flag (128 high * 192cm long), No. 4 flag (96 high * 144cm long). The three specifications of hand flag need to be equipped with a 1.6-3 meter retractable stainless steel retractable flag pole; Large hand flags are mainly used for cheering large-scale sports events, outdoor development (No. 4), summer camps, stage performances, public welfare activities, etc.

Size of hand flag

2. Medium hand flag

The size of medium-sized hand waving flag is: height 30 * length 45cm, height 40 * length 60cm, height 60* length 90cm, which are respectively equipped with small and medium-sized telescopic flagpoles (subject to the longest extension): 90CM, 120cm, 150cm, of which 120cm is the most commonly used flagpole; Medium size hand waving flags are used for mountaineering teams, tour guides, traffic commanders, etc.

Hand flag

3. Small hand flag

The size of the small hand flag is only: 20 * 30cm high and 14 * 21cm high. The 20 * 30 flag is equipped with a 40cm long plastic flag pole, and the 14 * 21cm flag is equipped with a 30cm long plastic flag pole; Small hand flags are often used for cheerleading, big festivals, members of tourist groups, some large-scale activities of enterprises, fan groups, etc.

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